Kimberly Elliott is Co-Founder and COO of VoxNeuro, an up-and-coming life sciences technology company based in Hamilton. Commercializing groundbreaking research out of McMaster University, VoxNeuro objectively and accurately assesses cognitive function by analyzing the electrical activity in the brain, and has had incredible traction so far in bringing this technology to market. 

In this episode, Kimberly shares the story of VoxNeuro, from early patient breakthroughs, to the company’s start after incorporating and the learning curve they experienced in navigating a complex landscape. She talks about VoxNeuro’s growth through the years, and where they’re headed next, plus discusses in detail the start-up and life sciences ecosystem in Hamilton that has supported their company’s growth every step of the way.

Listen in to hear a #MadeInHamilton start-up success story! Thanks Kim for being on the show.–7—Kimberly-Elliott–VoxNeuro-e11991r