This week Hamilton’s catalyst for tech innovation, the Innovation Factory, is taking over the pod, and if you have a business in the food processing space, you won’t want to miss it!

In this episode we meet Arvid Rimkus of Pretto’s Pasta, who has taken a 50-year old local recipe for lasagna and turned it into a rapidly-growing business thanks to the mentors and services at the Innovation Factory. He and IF Executive-In-Residence John Holland sit down with us to discuss the history of the Pretto’s and what makes their signature lasagna the best on the market, how IF helped him turn his business around and modernize his production line, why he’s so committed to local ingredients, and why Hamilton is the best place for a business like his. Plus, they both share tips for start-up companies on how to make it work, make change, and stay true to your core value. 

Innovation Factory is a business accelerator, dedicated to helping Ontario-based businesses launch, scale, and succeed. They provide start-ups, and scaling companies with advisory services, training, mentorship, and strategic connections to help bring disruptive technologies to market, leverage intellectual property, increase revenues, attract investment and create jobs. Thanks to the team at IF for introducing us to Arvid’s story!

Enjoy Arvid, John, and the story of Prettos Pasta on the POV Podcast this week!