It’s almost time for Lion’s Lair!

This competition, put on by #HamOnt’s Innovation Factory, allows innovators and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a panel of investor ‘Lions’ to help kick-start their business.

Tune into the POV podcast this week to hear us chat with four contestants from the top 16 in this year’s Lion’s Lair: Yuri Kaplin and Daniel Lasek from AdMass, Jessica Lunshof from Tamvoes Health Inc., Vishar Yaghoubian from Toothpod, and Jovan Novakovic from FootyFive.

Check it out to hear these entrepreneurs pitch their business idea, talk about their Lions Lair experiences, their start-up struggles so far, and their advice to anyone who is looking to start their own business.

Head to to learn all about the show and don’t forget to tune in this week!

Listen to the podcast using the link below!–16—LiONSs-Lair-Special-Part-1-e17o43k