In this week’s new #podcast episode we were thrilled to speak to Monika Yazdanian, CEO of ToeFx Inc., a company on a mission to rid the world of onychomycosis.

A former director of The Forge McMaster and a central figure in Hamilton’s start-up ecosystem, we talk to Monika in this episode about her own story and ask her to reflect on the rapid growth of the start-up ecosystem in Hamilton, how to measure this growth, and whether ‘growth’ is really the best thing to measure

Listen in to hear Monika teach us about innovation inputs and outputs, as well as share all about the story of ToeFX, including their recent win at the Synapse Life Science Competition and what this fast-growing life science company is working on next. Finally, she reflects on what makes Hamilton a good place to live and work and what we can do better.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Monika!

LISTEN here:–11—Monika-Yazdanian–ToeFX-e143f8m