Start-up founders have a challenging journey ahead of them. In today’s podcast, we’re talking to Chris Buttenham, founder of Obie (now Lessonly Knowledge), a knowledge management software tool that has seen all the amazing highs and lows of start-up life.

From founding the company and realizing he didn’t know a thing, heading to the Innovation Factory for help, searching for co-founders, participating in competitions and programs all over North America, pivoting numerous times to become the product they are today, weathering downturns and a pandemic, and eventually getting acquired by a larger company and scaling fast, Chris is a founder who’s seen it all, but it wasn’t ever easy

The Innovation Factory is dedicated to helping companies like Obie and founders like Chris on their start-up journey. Listen in to hear Chris’ story, advice, and learn how IF helped him make his start-up dreams a reality.

Thanks to Chris for being on the show and to the Innovation Factory for partnering with us on this episode!

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