On this week’s POV Hamilton podcast we’re learning all about the LIVELab, a combination concert hall / research lab that is unique in the world for how it can study the physiological and psychological effects of music, dance, and performance on artists and audiences. 

Dr. Laurel Trainor, a professor of NeuroScience and Behaviour at McMaster University, joins us to share fascinating info on some of the studies completed at the LiveLab and the importance of this research. She introduces a recent study on dance and synchronization, explains why Hamilton is a perfect spot for this lab to be, and shares how the research done at the LIVELab can help solve some of the big challenges facing our city. 

Want to learn more about Music and the Mind? Check out the LIVELab’s upcoming NeuroMusic Conference this Saturday November 20th for a full day of featured talks and presentations, plus an integrated keynote lecture and dance performance in the evening. 

Register here: https://www.neuromusic.ca/   

Listen to the full podcast here: https://anchor.fm/pov-hamilton/episodes/Episode-20—McMaster-University-LIVELab-featuring-Dr–Laurel-Trainor-e1ac3e1