Welcome back to POV Hamilton Podcast! Get ready for an exhilarating episode featuring a special guest host, Reece Morgan, the esteemed Director of the Industry Education Council of Hamilton (IEC)! Join Reece as he leads a captivating interview with none other than Sheryl Robinson Petrazzini, the Director of Education at HWDSB. Together, they delve into the groundbreaking collaboration between industry and education, the transformative power of experimental learning, and the profound impact on Hamilton’s bustling economic landscape.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation as Reece and Sheryl dissect the intricate relationship between industry and education, unveiling the secrets to Hamilton’s economic growth. Tune in to the POV Hamilton Podcast and gain invaluable insights into the symbiotic partnership shaping the future of our city! Thank you, Reece and Sheryl, for sharing your expertise!

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