In this episode of POV Hamilton, we sit down with Reece Morgan, the Executive Director of the Industry Education Council (IEC) of Hamilton. Reece provides a comprehensive overview of IEC’s pivotal role in the Hamilton community, where they act as a crucial bridge between education and industry. He delves into how IEC empowers students by equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in Hamilton’s diverse job market.

Reece also emphasizes the importance of industry partnerships in IEC’s mission. He discusses how local businesses and organizations collaborate with IEC to not only support the development of Hamilton’s future workforce but also benefit from a steady pipeline of talented individuals who are well-prepared for success. 

Join us for this insightful podcast that sheds light on the essential connections between education, industry, and community development in Hamilton. Whether you’re a student, educator, or community member, this episode offers a unique perspective on the opportunities that await in Hamilton’s evolving landscape. 

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