Suvojit Ghosh and his team founded FYELABS with one goal in mind: be a one-stop-shop for innovators who need technical product development. Rather than doing R&D in-house, start-ups can call on FYELABS for ‘Innovation as a Service’.

In our latest podcast episode, Suvojit takes us through this ‘As a Service’ concept and shares how he & his multi-disciplinary team have grown so successful in such a short time. He talks about the importance of finding great talent and our GTHA talent funnel, how his company’s base at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton has helped them on their way to success and expansion, and shares advice for all the potential founders and innovators out there.

Thanks Suvojit for this fascinating discussion of why the concept of ‘As A Service’ applies perfectly to innovation. Learn all about it at

To listen to the full podcast visit:–37—Suvojit-Ghosh–CEO-and-Founder-of-FYELABS-e1m28bk