Transportation is changing rapidly. As autonomous vehicles and smart cities become the norm, technology commercialization has to evolve to stay on the cutting edge.

The Centre for Integrated Transportation & Mobility supports start-ups and small-medium-sized companies as they develop the next generation of smart, connected, and environmentally-friendly transportation and technology.

This week on POV, we’re chatting with Richard Dunda, Director of CITM, about how they support companies building this connected future. Tune in to hear Richard share about some of the fascinating companies they’re supporting now, CITM’s unique smart transportation network infrastructure, and why Hamilton is the perfect place to host a centre focused on multi-modal transportation.

Thanks, Richard and CITM for being on the show!

To listen to the full podcast, visit:–33—Richard-Dunda–Director-for-the-Centre-for-Integrated-Transportation-and-Mobility-CITM-e1k1h6f