On this week’s POV Hamilton Podcast we dive into the educational scene by chatting with Jordan Rakowski! Jordan started his tutoring business, Brainstorm Academy, after graduating from McMaster University. He is now one of the lead educators and principal for Brainstorm Academy. 

In this episode, Jordan talks about how he got into education and why it’s an interesting space to be in and the changing nature of education today, especially during covid with the switch to online learning. Jordan also explores the idea of ‘micro-specialization’ and how online learning presents new opportunities for students to learn about things they never would have otherwise and become experts.

Jordan offers an interesting perspective on today’s education and this podcast is one you sure don’t want to miss!

To listen to the full episode visit: https://anchor.fm/pov-hamilton/episodes/Ep-22—Jordan-Rakowski–Educator-and-Principal–Brainstorm-Academy-e1bg4no